Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lets Google

15 Years old John from Santa Clara Valley is depressed after a big row in the chemistry class with his friend this morning.
Taking an easy afternoon, he lies down under the trees in History Park, pondering why he had such a silly argument with his best friend, he recalled his pastor’s teaching “If you want to be friend with people around you, you need to be friend with Jesus first.”

As he ponders………….. ”How can one become a friend of Jesus?”, he gets up, switches on his laptop and starts his Google search for the Formula ----- “Be A Friend of Jesus”

Pops up from his search, is a link to a tutorial video tagged as John 15:9-17, the young boy is amazed by the tag of the link and think……... “This must be God….”

As the video begins to play, the demonstration goes with an instruction like this…………

> Drag your mouse to the pull down menu
> Click on the Command : [Love Each Other]
> Pops up will be another Command : [Obey]
> By clicking on [Obey], another Command : [Remain In Love] will pop up

As John is in his [Complete Joy], he starts his own search for the formula and found……………
Obey Command + Remain In Love + Complete Joy = “Be A Friend of Jesus”

A tip is given under this formula says “As a result of applying this formula, you will be appointed to bear fruits.”

The boy is glad with the result, and goes further on his search for a bigger challenge…...“How can one become as perfect as Jesus?”

Pops up on the window is a failure message reads “Sorry! This is a formula human incapable to apply!”
The boy is not happy and goes on by clicking “Detail” for an explanation.
The final message of this search reads “Greater love has no man than this, that a man gives up his life for his friends.” John15:13

The boy is astounded !!!

Note: Story of this article is a fabrication, contents do not represent Google.
Inspiration Via Faith : by Seed (子粒)

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